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New OC: Thorn by AznAngel4ever New OC: Thorn :iconaznangel4ever:AznAngel4ever 0 0
I don't dare to share my pain.
I don't dare to cry in front of those close.
I don't dare to show weakness.
I don't dare to listen to your cruel criticism.
I don't dare to care.
But when I'm vulnerable and weak.
When my guard is down.
I am broken. Unfixable. That is when
everything cuts deeply.
:iconaznangel4ever:AznAngel4ever 0 0
She used to look at the world
with big eyes full of curiosity.
Always asking Why this? Why that?
Creating images of unique creatures.
Her mind full of endless ideas.
But then she grew up.
Her mind only focused on rationality.
Her mind only filled with logic.
Her creativity ceased.
Anatomical, proportional, and true to life
drawings is all she can create.
Her vision of the world narrowed and shallowed.
Growing up changes us. Things are never seen the same.
:iconaznangel4ever:AznAngel4ever 0 1
...A LIFE...
A life tainted by vile words.
A final good bye.
A life taken. A family forever changed.
No sorry will ever be enough.
:iconaznangel4ever:AznAngel4ever 1 0
At a stand still
Engulfed by the sounds of the busy streets,
she watched the cars fly on by in a hurry
to get to ones destination.The smell of gasoline
drifts into the air. Consistent chatter from every
end of the streets creeps into her ears.
While standing on the edge of that grey
sidewalk, she waits for
the light to turn green.
A sudden silence comes over her.
She becomes shrouded in silence.
Her thoughts cease.
And her surroundings frozen in time.
And the city becomes colorless, only to be seen
in black and white. Confusion creeps upon her
face. She attempts to draw attention.
But nothing. From behind a black shadow wraps
a handkerchief soaked with the scent of chloroform
around her mouth. And she's was out.
She had become a part of the grim reaper's collection.
:iconaznangel4ever:AznAngel4ever 0 0
They're human and they have feelings too.
You see lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender.
I see human and normal.
I see a brother, a sister, a daughter, a son,
a father, and a mother.
Why do you only see labels?
When they're just the same as you are on the inside.
The only difference is who we love.
But it's not wrong to love someone of the same sex, or
to feel like you're trapped in the wrong body.
They're human and they're just as entitled to the
many things we all have.
Why taunt them? Why think that you can fix them?
When they're perfect just they way they are.
They were given a life for a purpose.
And at the end of the day all you need to know is
THEY'RE HUMAN! And they deserve to be treated equally.
:iconaznangel4ever:AznAngel4ever 0 2
Don't rip out my heart
a second time after I've just
put it back with stitches.
It can't bare to know pain again.
It wants so become so desensitized
to all emotions.
It wants to stop beating, to know no life.
...But I tell my heart...
"You have to live or I'll die."
So it beats knowing that life continues to
only bring misfortune.
Never is there a day will my heart will
not ache, not cry, not stop beating.
But it counts the days, weeks, months, and years
hoping that I'll stop breathing so
it can stop beating.
However it'll have to wait at least 70 years
for my body to be lifeless.
...I'm sorry I can't let you go just yet...
:iconaznangel4ever:AznAngel4ever 0 1
We've become strangers again
I'm mourning with invisible tears because
real tears refuse to fall in front of her.
The words I speak is like a broken record constantly
playing the same tune in small increments.
I've been there for her for 5 long years
and I've become emotionally and physically drained.
And only after, I realize my efforts were wasted.  
Because the end result wasn't what I hoped for.
And I hoped for her to change her self-image.
I hoped she would be more positive.
I wanted to see her take charge of her mental state.
And she did...I suppose.
But then she change again to someone I couldn't recognize.
...She became a stranger...
And as we drifted apart the gap only got bigger
to a point where it could no longer be closed.
I can't pretend I'm okay, I can't pretend what's happening to
us isn't happening because in reality it is.
I just don't want to let go because I care too much.
But I know if I don't I'll lose my sanity.
So this is good-bye to us, to who you used to be, to who I once
trusted, and
:iconaznangel4ever:AznAngel4ever 2 0
The negative light.
I'm drowning in a sea of dark emotions.
Slowing killing my sanity. My plea for help
smothered by my stubbornness.
:iconaznangel4ever:AznAngel4ever 0 7
I'M NOT WHAT THEY CLAIM. by AznAngel4ever I'M NOT WHAT THEY CLAIM. :iconaznangel4ever:AznAngel4ever 1 5 Esmeralda by AznAngel4ever Esmeralda :iconaznangel4ever:AznAngel4ever 2 20
It's silent,
It's odorless,
It's quick,
And it's painless,
It's D E A T H.
:iconaznangel4ever:AznAngel4ever 0 0
Sometimes we are willing to be called the
traitor to protect those that we love no
matter how much it may hurt. And we hide our
reasons from them because some things are better
left unsaid than known.
:iconaznangel4ever:AznAngel4ever 1 0
Sometimes art isn't understood until you take the time to understand it.
:iconaznangel4ever:AznAngel4ever 2 0
The Contradiction of Humans
Humans so easily deceived,
so easily turned against one another,
so easily unfaithful,
so easily broken and torn,
so easily hateful,
so easily greedy,
So easily forgotten,
so easily to regret,
so easily to fear,
so easily to die,
the list goes on.
We're a small species compared to the universe
but as a species we continue to fail.
...We're a species that never learns from their mistakes...
As we continue to stack our faults.
Our troubles continue to build along with our faults.
And when we say "We're only human"
it's an excuse to cover up
...our mistakes...
We say we're not perfect
and we claim that we shouldn't
be perfect because we are
....H U M A N....
And yet we seek for perfection for an ideal.
- As humans we only contradict ourselves-
What is our end goal as a society?
That is what the real question that is to be answered.
One to which has many answers to that is neither
...right nor wrong...
Humans are an ever growing population,
we excel in intellect,
in development of life
:iconaznangel4ever:AznAngel4ever 1 0
Forgotten Piano
          .....Let me tell you a story.....
There lived a boy who went by the name Unknown, he loved to play the piano. One day as he was wondering through the forest he came across a house with an elderly woman rocking back and forth on her rocking chair as she hummed a lullaby watching the sunset. Unknown called out to her and she turned to face the him. She said "hello my dear, what brings you out here in the middle of the forest?"
   "Just taking a stroll. Grandma the lullaby that you were humming I know how to play it on the piano would you like to hear it?" Replied Unknown.
  "That would be nice. Come inside I have a piano that hasn't been played in over several decades it's about time that the old timer has a partner." said the elderly woman.
So Unknown walked into her house and started to play the lullaby, he played it until the sun set completely and the sky turned dark. After Unknown was done playing he asked if she had liked his pl
:iconaznangel4ever:AznAngel4ever 0 0


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I'm overjoyed that they've decided to come out with the anime!!!!! 
Words cannot describe how I feel about the first episode! 


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