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Forget me
Forget what used to be
Forget the times I've been there
Forget our relationship
Forget who cared for you when you were down
Forget the person who listened to your pain
...F O R G E T...

...The wall between us used to be so easy to tear down...

...But now it's impossible...

I've tried to return everything to the way it used to be
...but it's a little bit to late...

I've put in effort to try to help you, to listen to you,
to make you realize your mistakes but you take every advice I give
you as nothing.

It hurts to know that my words mean

When we've been there for each other in our darkest times.

I just learned to give up because I'm sick of being ignored
and my words meaningless.

...I'm sorry that I won't be there for you like I used to be....

...I'm sorry that next time I won't be there to listen to your pain...

...I'm sorry the next time you hurt, I'll just be standing there...

My trust in you faded overtime.
And maybe it was the same for you.
And maybe we just drifted too far apart.

...While you continued to live in denial and negativity...

I continued to move on while keeping part of myself stuck in your world
trying to help you out for so long.

...We should just remember the good times...
digit-tune-mirta Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014
I can relate to this so much....
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Submitted on
August 3, 2014


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